Kombi has two sponsored films premiering @ IF3

Kombi is proud to sponsor two films at the IF3 FIlm Festival

Get Lucky by Field Productions

The Norwegian ski movie company Field Productions brings you “Get Lucky”. A movie that includes every aspect in modern extreme skiing: Park/BC/Big mountain and Urban. They gathered many of the best athletes on the planet to give you the most exciting and varied ski movie possible. Filmed in HD with heli, cranes, dollys, cable and follow cams. “Get Lucky” and the behind the scenes documentary will give you a detailed insight in their whole season, describing how the luck treated the crew from time to time. Featured in this epic flick are three of Kombi sponsored riders, Jon Olsson, PK Hunder & Jon Larsson

Get Lucky from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

Find out more here @ Field Productions

Head For The Hills by Meathead Films

Prepare to indulge with the Meatheads… Follow this beefy bunch of dudes as they attempt to ski as many hills, heaps, piles, peaks, mounds, and mountains as they possibly can in one winter. Steep or flat, remote backcountry or urban sprawl, Meathead Films documents the full spectrum of topographical terrain found in the Northeast. Filmed in HD, 16mm, and Super 8mm, Head for the Hills invites you on a glorious voyage of visual and audible stimulation.Guaranteed to be 110% radical.

Head for the Hills – Trailer from Freeskier Magazine on Vimeo.

It about time somebody made a kick ass film of the North East.

Find out more @ Meatheads

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