Kombi Blog Archive – Feb 22, 2008


A near perfect event for the team yesterday, in the Inawashiro World Cup Halfpipe event, with Matt Hayward leading the way!

The crowds for the event were huge, loud, and absolutely stoked to watch the halfpipe event here in Inawashiro, in a perfectly prepared pipe. All 3 team members threw down awesome runs, turning in the best overall team performance of the season, resulting in 1 World Cup medaL and two fourth place finishes.

In the women’s event, Roz G was stomping 900s in semis and in finals, qualifying fourth, and
retaining the same position in the final, just missing the podium.

Matt Hayward and Justin Dorey were putting on an airshow in the men’s event. With some help from our super duper wax technician, Kenny Nault from Swix, the guys were launching way bigger than anyone else, and throwing an incredible assortment of technical, stylish, and progressive maneuvers.

In the final, Hayward started his run with an absolutely perfect 1260, setting the tone for the rest of his run, which was huge and smooth. His first run score of 46.50 proved unmatchable by the rest of the field, and he earned his second World Cup Gold Medal of the season. Justin Dorey was going crazy in the pipe, taking chances and linking together all sorts of technical combos. He narrowly missed the podium and ended up finishing fourth.

Finals results:


1 – Sarah Burke (CAN)
2 – Jen Hudak (USA)
3 – Davina Williams (AUS)
4 – Rosalind Groenewoud (CAN)
5 – Jessica Cumming (USA)
6 – Manami Mitsuboshi (JPN)


1 – Matt Hayward (CAN)
2 – Kalle Leinonen (FIN)
3 – Mike Riddle (CAN)
4 – Justin Dorey (CAN)
5 – Xavier Bertoni (FRA)
6 – Reto Comicioli (SUI)
7 – AJ Kempainnen (FIN)
8 – Walter Wood (USA)
9 – Loic Collomb-Patton (FRA)
10 – Kentaro Tsuda (JPN)
11 – Byron Wells (NZ)
12 – Yutah Ueno (JPN)

The team is now headed to Joetsu Kokusai Resort for the Nippon Freeskiing Open. More reports to come…

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